The Dairy

The business of Caseificio Miscano began in the early nineties, when Antonio Pellegrino and his wife Rocchina Riccio preferred to “give value to the traditional production rather than to follow the industrialization process of the dairy products”, by preserving and thoroughly applying the old artisan manufacturing. Their children also, Rosa and Michele, fully recognize themselves in this tradition, that today represents the load-bearing axis of the production and management of the company.

Caseificio Miscano focuses on using only milk collected by selected breeders of Castelfranco in Miscano and San Giorgio la Molara, places where the cattle are free to graze in the fields and feed on fresh, various grass or natural hay and wheat.

Caseificio Miscano was guest of Unomattina Verde, episode aired on 22 May 2015
(the presentation of our dairy starts from minute 16:20)